On first trimester: hail to cheese sandwich

hands2Having a picture perfect of a pregnancy? Where you get the positive mark on the test pack and your husband hugged you and kissed you? Yeah been there …and here is a lot more.

I thought my first pregnancy was bad. I had to stay in bed all day long during the first trimester. I quit my job, literally. I’ve experienced what the medics called all day sickness. I felt sooo miserable. Threw up every meal that passed through my throat. Hated the smell of garlic, my own perfume and the smell of my husband.  I was totally depressed.

I thought it was never gonna be over. I lost weight instead of gaining. When I asked my friends who was also pregnant at that time no one was having the same symptoms. Of course this information has gotten me more depressed. My thoughts were “what is wrong with me?” When I asked the obgyn she said it was normal. I got a little encouraged. She advised me to eat small portion of meal roughtly 5 to 6 times a day rather than eat big portion three times a day.

There were only few menus that could pass through my throat. One of them was cheese sandwich. Yeah, I probably eat them three to four times a day. Sayonara to any other meals cause they would only wind up on the sink. But I had to be strong because the doctor told me I would have to gain at least 2-3 kg upon the first trimester. I made it. I would have to thank my husband who was kept on reminding me that I had to eat, not just for me but also for our baby. His encouragement meant a lot at that time.

After the worst first trimester passed, I asked my mom on how her pregnancy was. She said she was worse off than me. During her first pregnancy, my mom had the all day sickness for seven months. Great God!! Seven full months!! The thing she could actually swallowed was boiled corn and some fruit. So I wasn’t the only one who felt miserable afterall. She actually made me think I was lucky I only suffer for the first three months. So if you are experiencing all day sickness as I was, just hang in there!! Believe me,  it’ll pass  =)

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