Homemade Baby Food Recipe #1

Bubur Nasi Jingga (Orange Coloured Rice Porridge)
serve: 1

source: Variasi Makanan Sehat Bayi by Wied Harry Apriadji — previously posted here

4 tbsp (40 gr) rice, wash, soaked in fresh water for 1 hour then drain
2 tbsp (20 gr) carrot/pumpkin/sweet potato chopped
400 ml water
2-3 tbsp liquid (water/milk)

bubur-jingga1. Simmer the rice and water on medium heat.

2. Add the carrot/pumpkin/sweet potato cook until all ingredients tender.

3. Once all tender, remove from the heat. Let it warm then process them in a blender.

4. Transfer them to a bowl and add the liquid. Ready to serve

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