Homemade Baby Food Recipe #2

greenbeanBubur Bayam Kacang Hijau (Green Bean/ Mung Bean and Spinach Puree)
serve: 1
source: Variasi Makanan Sehat Bayi by Wied Harry Apriadji — previously posted here

1 tbsp Green/Mung bean, soaked in fresh water for 3 hours then drain
40 gr  Spinach
water to boil
2-3 tbsp liquid (water/milk)

bubur-cangjo1. Boil the Green/Mung bean on high heat until tender (7-8 minutes).

2. Add the spinach and simmer down (2 minutes).

3. Remove from the heat. Drain bean and spinach. Let it warm then process them in a blender.

4. Transfer them to a bowl and add the liquid. Ready to serve

* When I try this food they tasted like crunched wet paper (yuck..) but to my surprise, my son loved it. =)

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