Third trimester: Wake up Garfield!

garfieldThe thought of going into labor and delivery marked my third trimester. On average, I am not a very active person. So my mother warned me of the difficulties of labor and how a fit body would help much during that time. Well to tell you the truth, my mother’s warning passed me by like the wind until I experienced a difficulty in breathing after only a mild exercise like stepping up the stairs.

The next morning, I started to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Once I started and done it regularly for about a week, it felt kinda good. I didn’t exhaust myself as much as the previous days. I felt stronger and the difficulty in breathing was no more. On the following weeks, to avoid boredom, I took the walk outside, around the neighborhood. I usually done it early in the morning (around 6 to 7am). When lazyness struck, I asked my husband to accompany me during the walk. That way I got someone to talked to during the 30 minutes routine. But since he had to prepare himself for work, he couldn’t be with me on my daily exercise.

For someone whose nickname is ‘Garfield’ taking a walk everyday is almost like a torture (oh yeah it’s a biggie …). I have to find a way to convince myself that I have to do this. Tried to get away from exercise by making various excuses, but my husband was always quick to notice this. He would only laugh and said it’s ok for me to take times off the exercise. But somehow his affirmation made me realize that he only wanted me and the baby to be happy and  healthy. He is really the kind of people that let you figure things out for yourself rather than telling you what’s right. Since he knew that I would only deflect to his advise (if he were to give them). So, back on my back with the exercise!!!! Did the exercise help me during labor and delivery? Oh yeah …very much. But I will share this on another post.

Ps: Other exercise that is beneficial for women on their third trimester is swimming and prenatal yoga excercises. But before starting any exercise during pregnancy, you should ask our health care provider for safety reasons.

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