Labor and Delivery: Oops water just broke!!

babybirthThis story is about me giving birth to my first child. I’ve post the same story on the Ganesha’s blog (in Bahasa).

It was July 21, 2007 10 AM

When I got a little better after the suffering of the first trimester, my husband asked me to helped out at his workplace. I was assigned to do administrative work on warranty and free service claim (he works at a authorized service outlet of an american brand automobile)

I was still working on some of the documents I’ve received for the day. Prepare them for the coming Monday. While I was working on the papers, my father called me and asked me to join him and the rest of my family for lunch. It was my mother’s birthday. “Ok dad! I am coming” was my reply.

14.00 PM

I went to Dapur Sunda, one of my family favorite restaurants. There was my whole family and my brother greeted me using my endeared nickname ‘chubby’. He told me that my father ordered extra portion of meals since he knew I was coming. My mother thought it would be too much, but my father insisted that I would be able to finish them.

Upon hearing this my response was, “Gee guys …I am not a trash compactor”. But soon afterwards my father’s prediction was right. There were no leftovers on the table. My brother jokingly said that too much meal would cost me an early labor. He reminded me of a relative that gave birth after eating so much on his birthday’s party. I responded by saying that I was probably going to have the baby tomorrow too though I didn’t think that would be possible since I was still 2 – 3 weeks away from my due date.

15.40 PM

After that late lunch, me and my husband went to a bookstore. My preordered Harry Potter 7 was ready. I got texted earlier that day. I was feeling vigorous that day. I didn’t feel tired at all, while normally the whole travel distance that we took would make me feel tired. Later I knew this was what the medics called the nesting syndrome. On the previous days, I’ve already done the cleaning, preparing every kind of tools and clothing for the baby and packed my bags and the baby’s for the hospital.

I got the Harry Potter and went straight home and indulged myself reading it. I was oblivious with anything that happened around me. My husband grinned and said “After you’ve done reading, I hope you still remembers that we’re married”. I only smiled at his words and continue reading. It was sometime around midnight that I felt tired and decided to go to bed.

July 22, 2007 5.00 AM

I woke up and did my morning prayer and then continued reading HP7 …

06.30 AM

I was feeling hungry and needed to take a bladder call. When I woke up there was this sound coming from my belly. It sounded like a bubble wobble and then followed by a mild bursting sound. I thought it was gas. So I went to the bathroom then straight to the dining room. As I stand on the side of the dining table I felt fluids running down my tighs. I looked down and stared, puzzled. My mother in law was there and I told her about the fluid and she said, “we should go to the hospital, your water just broke”

07.00 AM

Admitted at the hospital. It was Sunday. The nurses checked for my vital signs and asked for signs of contraction. I said I had none. No sign of labor following. The nurse checked for dilation. It was only one centimeter.

08.00 AM – 14.32 PM

She then called my obgyn. Later on the nurse put an IV infusion. The labor had to be induced since there was no contraction. At this point I’ve lost track of time. I was just lying there, praying. Hoping for the baby and me to be safe. My husband called my family and about an hour later my mom was there. I’ve noticed two of my cousins were there too. They asked me if I wanted something. I said nope. I was beginning to feel the induced contraction.

I still managed to swallow small portion of meal for lunch. The pain of contraction increased more and more. Then the nurse did the pre-labor procedure which includes enema, cleaning your lower bowel content. Oh well…let’s just get over with it. I didn’t really care because the pain of contraction had really taken all my attention. After the whole bowel cleansing thing I went back to bed and started to experienced intense contraction. I called the nurse and asked her to check on my dilation. She checked, I was 5 cm dilated. She called the obgyn and told her to come right away.

kiks-brlahirThe obgyn then told the nurse to slow down the infusion. She did just that and prep me for delivery. I was moved to the delivery room. During the whole time, I only prayed to God to give me strength that I need to deliver this baby. Soon the doctor arrived, and the delivery process thus begun. It took me 6 times to push the baby out. Thank God. My baby boy finally arrived safely into this world. All the pain I felt was gone. Probably due to the endorphin that flooded through my vein. Thank God again…it was a very big thing to experience as a woman. I am grateful of it.

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