Postpartum: it’s the blue, honey!

newbornAfter giving birth to my son, I felt so tired. But surprisingly, I couldn’t sleep at all. There were mixed feeling of tiresome, excitement and fear and a lot of other feelings. It was probably the most complex sets of emotions blended all on one moment.

The day after that I still couldn’t breastfeed my son because there were no milk coming out of my breast. I felt soo sad. The nurses told me to relax, it will be okay, as long as I’ve got the motivation to breastfeed my son, then my body system will follow that unconscious command. My obgyn gave me vitamins to help with the breastfeeding issue. Soon enough, my body started to produce breastmilk and I have to thank the nurses at the hospital for showing me how to feed my baby.

There were also a lot of visitor. I must say, that I really appreciate the attention that everybody was trying to give, but it was probably not the best time to get a visit from so many people, since I was still overwhelmed of what happening. So, if you have a friend who just gave birth, you might want to check first if it’s okay to visit her.

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